Optimum Comfort

For most, comfort is prioritized about all aspects in life. Realizing this, the Ergo is created to imbue the lifestyles of the discerning few who are content with comfortable seating solutions.

Are you one of them?


Adjustable Headrest
The two-pivoted headrest allows precise adjustments of the angle and the height, giving comfort and support to neck and head at any seating position. (Pic 1, 2)

Nylon Adjustable Armrest
Nylon adjustable armrest with polyurethane armpad to enchance support with best comfort. (Pic 3)

Fixed Armrest
Moulded polypropylene armrest in either light grey or black finish. (Pic 4,5)

5 Pronged Base
5 pronged base in either polypropylene, nylon or die-cast polished aluminium finish, generates by highly sophisticated ambience to provide strong stability. (Pic 6, 7, 8)

Polyurethane Castors
50mm or 60mm polyurethane dual-wheel castors are designed for smooth gliding and also reduce floor scratches. (Pic 9, 10)

Backrest Cover
High quality moulded polypropylene backrest cover, decorated with horizontal strips offer in either light grey or black finishing, is designed for green environment with its recyclable materials, quality upholstery, while adding elegant to the contours of the backrest. (Pic 11, 12)

Adjustable Seat Depth / Slider Mechanism
Using a simple lever under the seat, user can easily adjust the depth of the seating to accommodate his sitting preference and comfort. (Pic 13)

Tilting Mechanism
Metal synchronized mechanism with seat slide and 3 lockings system that come with weight adjustable tension knob. (Pic 14, 15, 16)

Lumbar Support
The lumbar support (lower back support) mechanism is masterfully integrated into the full upholstered chairs. Simply twist the knob located under the chair seat, the lower section of the independent backrest moves forward to allow for dynamic back support when you lean back on the chair. (Pic 17)

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